big move

so it’s official…we are moving our family across the river (if you don’t know, we’re in vancouver now but coveting living in portland).  not only are we moving across the river but we are moving two doors down from Jenna.  CRAZY.  mark it, we’re going to officially live in 3 different states in a matter of 13 months.  yeah, call us world travelers.

you wanna know what the craziest thing about all this is.  we’re downsizing (physically) and we’re excited about it.  most people look for upgrades…not us…we’re not your typical family.

downsizing is a relative term i guess.  the house is older (built in 1910 sucka) and smaller than what we are living in now.  it’s going to be tighter quarters.  BUT WE”RE MOVING TO PORTLAND.

out hearts have been in p-town for almost a year now.  it’s been a constant battle of ours about loving our house and neighbor hood but really desiring to be over there.  now that i have an amazing job (working with all you cats) we REALLY want to be closer to all of you.

so downsizing might seem like a negative term but for us…it’s what we’ve been begging God for.

so…the next natural question…what are you doing September 17th???  helping us move????

– jordan


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