Psalm 20:5

May we shout for joy over your salvation,
and in the name of our God set up our banners!

i was praying for you all today and i wanted to encourage you through the Word.

Psalm 20 is a prayer that God would give the Davidic king success.  king David, the same David that slayed the giant, was promised to be the bloodline of the coming messiah (Jesus), this made him a very important king in setting up the stage for Jesus to come.

this Psalm calls his success “salvation.” this is interesting because we usually tie salvation to something we are given through our faith and trust in Jesus.  the people proclaiming this song to king David are doing something very interesting.  they are proclaiming his coming success as a “gift from God” with the trust that his reign is not just about political movement…advancing David’s kingdom…but knowing he is advancing the kingdom of God.

salvation here is a rejoicing in God for protection and preservation with purposeprotection: meaning that He will save him in battle.  preservation: meaning that God will fulfill His promise in bringing Jesus through the line of David.  with purpose: meaning that God is using David to further His kingdom.

how is this an encouragement to you??

your salvation, that is rooted in cross of Jesus Christ, brings you protection, preservation, and purpose.  protection because He has saved you from the sin that you were once a slave to.  this protection has eternal ramifications.  preservation because you can trust that He give you strength to make it through today, as His beloved child.  purpose because you were created for a purpose…believe it or not…God will use you to advance His kingdom here on this earth.

rejoice in your salvation today.  the greatest miracle that takes place in your life is your conversion.  Jesus took you (and continues to take you) as you were, He changed you, He made you alive in Him.  this is nothing short of an amazing miracle preformed by God.  rejoice today that you are His.

– jordan


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