i wanna know from you your experience with Quest, for those of you that have attended in the past?  leave me a comment by clicking “leave a comment’ at the bottom of this page.  leave a line – a paragraph – a book…i don’t care.  i want the good…the bad…and the ugly of this event.  Quest is coming up Oct 30-Nov. 1 and Jenna and i need to decide if this is something we are going to attend.

i guess i really want to know from you high schoolers what you have thought about it.  would you recommend it?  mid-schoolers…let me know if you would sign up for something like this!



One thought on “Quest??

  1. Quest was so much fun. The singing sounded kind of lame, but you kind of just have to do it and it is fun (if you don’t, people look at you weird.) There is usually a capture the flag game, that is super duper fun, they like split up groups of 4 and section off areas. Everyday you get devotions in the morning, it is a good way to look back at what you have done and who you are and to think. There are so many fun games too. If you have the guts you can go into the lake, but it is freaking freezing! There is mini-golf that is lots of fun. Also $5-10 for paintball may seem like a waste of money, but get a few friends together and do it, it is a blast.

    My worst memory at Quest was meeting a kid named Christian, I honestly though he was saying I am a christian. I asked him his name like 6 times and every time he said Christian, I finally got it. It was embarrassing.

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