the Bible speaks incessantly about God’s glory. this is one theme that fill’s scripture.  in Isaiah 6:3 the angles proclaim God’s holiness and declare that the earth is filled with His glory.  one of the last things Stephen, the first martyr (in Acts 7), saw before he died was the “glory of the Lord, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.” Paul talks about sin in the well known verse of Romans 3:23, “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” just take note of how often Scripture speaks of “glory.”

what is it?  what is God’s glory?  if the Bible speaks so highly of it, shouldn’t i know what it is?

simply put, as i understand it, the glory of the LORD is the proclamation of God’s infinite beauty and infinite worth.  what? human terms please!  here it is: this public announcement of God’s limitless beauty and limitless worth comes only from Him.  because of our sinful state, we do not have the power inside of us to proclaim such majesty.  it’s important to know that God cannot be glorified without He Himself being the center of it all.  yeah, chew on that for a while.  that’s enough to blow your mind.

i believe that God’s glory is displayed in two different ways: He displays it as He wishes, without the work of us (i.e. in creation) and also He displays His glory through us…our surrendering our lives to Him.

nonetheless…why am i writing this?

A)  as Romans 3:23 states, the greatest thing at stake in our sinful selves, is God’s glory.  we fall short of it in our weakness.  this means we are lacking it.  and i believe that in our submission to sin, we are sacrficing one of the greatest joys we could ever receive, God out pouring His limitless beauty and worth through us…oh how selfish we are.

B) if we could grasp God’s “glory” i think it would revolutionize how we think about God.  the earth, as we know it today, if full of it (Is 6:3).  Stephen stared at it prior to his death…and what a painful death it was (Acts 7).  in our suffering, if we understand God’s glory, we might suffer differently.

oh how our lives might be changed if we understood this difficult concept.

chew on this for a while…i dare you!



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