To CAPITALIZE Or Not To capitalize

So tHe biG COnverSatioN iN mY hoUse THIS morNing wAs ovER CaPiTaLiZaTiOn.  Do you capitalize when you type or not?  Does it seem uneducated to you when you read emails or facebook messages that do not have capitalizations?  My wife says yes.  I say no.  Guess who the educated one is in our house?

I read a book a few years ago titled, “i am not but i know I AM.”  Great read.  I think the premise behind that book is obvious;  God is ultimate and I am not.  Since reading that book I have adopted the habit of that when I am writing, not in a professional manner, I use all lower case letters…no caps…except when I am talking about God or other people.  I think it is just symbolism of thinking of my self lower than God and others.  John 3:30 says, “He (God) must increase, but I muse decrease.”

To appease my wife and also to not cause frustration to you English sticklers out there I am deciding to use caps again.  But as we move forward in Mosaic Youth and if (when) we start to incorporate worship…don’t be surprised if my all lower case habits come back 🙂  It’s a great reminder of Jesus being supreme!

I love you guys!

– jy


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