Bathroom Judgements

It’s not a famous saying, “you can tell a lot by a city by it’s bathrooms” but it should be.

This past week my family and I flew to New Mexico to visit our best friends newly adopted Ethiopian daughter.  She us beautiful and amazing.  This is a story for another day…I sure you will hear about it next Wednesday.  The point of me writing this has to do with PDX bathrooms vs. ABQ (Albuquerque) bathrooms.  The moral of the story is either I go the bathroom way too much or you can tell a lot by a city by it’s bathroom…you be the judge.

When we were waiting to board our plane I took a last minute “library” visit.  Me and my new myTouch phone found the nearest stall.  I know I have only technically been a Oregonian for about 3 weeks but this sign in the rest room was no shock to me but I found it hilarious.  Check it out:

2009-10-03 11.54.23

AWESOME…This is one step up from, “if’s it yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, let it go down.”  This is classic Portland.  I love it.

Then, I get to Albuquerque, New Mexico…again, I had to find the closest restroom.  Or was it my son…I’ll blame him, Austen had to find the bathroom so I went with him.  Check out what I saw in New Mexico bathrooms:

2009-10-03 16.51.13

“Sharps Collector.”  Classic New Mexico.  Please place your heroin needles here, don’t flush them.

The next 4 days was perfect.  It was a great trip, we had an amazing time hanging out with our best friends.  Havilah is amazing and the trip was totally worth it.  But it’s always exciting to be back home.  We arrived back at PDX last night and are greeted by classic Portland (I didn’t get a picture of this because it would have just been awkward).  We were walking to baggage claim and right there in the lobby was a clean cut man wearing some high dollar hiking gear, head down in the trash can pulling out all the plastic bottles people were forced to throw away…and recycling them.

It screamed…WELCOME HOME.  I love Portland!



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