First Wednesdays

First Wednesday’sReal food, up-front games, money prizes (not cash prizes but something worth trying for), worship, short teaching, and a break from small groups.

What is the reason behind First Wednesdays?  Why do we do them?  What is the purpose of it? Answer: ultimately to provide a Wednesday night gathering where you can invite your friends to DISCOVER who Jesus is.  Our typical Wednesday Nights are designed around small groups where we, as a large group experience worship and dig into God’s Word together, and then interact with it in small groups.  This may not be the best atmosphere for you to feel comfortable to invite your friends to come hang out with us and hear about Jesus so once a month we are going to provide a gathering where we provide food, funny games, and better prizes while still having a worship and a condensed version of teaching.  Ultimately our hope is that your friends would feel more comfortable coming to a first Wednesday gathering and have a few CONNECTION experiences but also have the opportunity to be anonymous and hear the gospel and ultimately DISCOVER freedom in Christ Jesus.

First Wednesday is designed for your friends. Every first wednesday of the month from 7-8:30pm in the basement level of Mosaic Church.


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