Christmas Extravangaza

Some things you need to know…some things you don’t need to know.  This is what we call a “need to know basis.”  Here’s what you need to know about this Wednesday, December 16th for our Christmas Extravangaza.

NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE NEW NEWS…we’ve been talking about it for three weeks:

  1. We are going to have a freaking rocking awesome time!!
  2. (this should be no new news) Each small group is collecting for a Sock Drive!
  3. We’re having a costume contest!
  4. YOU’RE bringing some amazing grub!
  5. We are playing a diversity of games over the course of the evening!

We are giving mega points away over the course of the evening.  Everything you do has potential to earn you point to walk away with one of the three final prize packages.  Here’s how the majority of the points will be given away!

Sock Drive

The biggest need the Portland Rescue Mission has this winter is socks.  To help out we are having a competition to see which small group can collect the most pairs of socks.  Help out your team and pile in the sock collection.  Is it necessary for me to tell you that they must be NEW socks…we don’t want your stinky old pair of socks.  If you bring old socks there will be a deduction of 1 point.  If you bring old socks with holes in them…- 5 points.  If your old socks are dirty and have wholes in them will will deduct 100 points from your team.  If you are not careful, you could leave this evening owing me a prize!

Costume Contest

Who said that Halloween is the only season for dressing up!  We are taking the good ole “ugly sweeter contest” to the next level.  We will be having a BEST CHRISTMAS LAWN ORNAMENT costume contest.  GET CREATIVE! Points will be awarded to everyone who dresses up and we will be having a costume contest  to help stack on the points for a lucky few.

Your Food Order

You are providing the food for the even.  We’re giving away points for socks, ridicules costumes, games…we might as well give away points for food.  Be creative with the food you bring and possibly earn more points

If Your Last Name Starts With:

  • A – G:  Bring Drinks
  • H – O:  Bring Finger Foods
  • P – Z:  Bring something sweet (desert food)
  • We giving away 3 prize packages.
  • Games

    It’s not fair to only have one kind of game…let’s 3 different games throughout the evening.  We’re going to test your mad skills.  We going to test your physical activity, trivia skills, and moviology.  Bring your A game!!!

    Prize Pack

    Top three people are walking away with a prize pack.  Shhhhhhh….I can’t tell you what it is.

    We’ll see you this Wednesday night…7-8:30pm in the basement.


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