Sock Drive

Great job all you who participated…235 people will have warmer feet this winter…or you can look at it as 470 feet we be taken care of…or 2,350 piggies (assuming that all have 10 toes) will be tuck away snugly all because of you guys!  Way to Go!

Mosaic Youth wanted to do something different this year for a Christmas Party.  White Elephant gift exchanges are a ton of fun.  Ugly sweater contests are hilarious!  But at the end of the night we leave with a silly gift that get’s eaten by the dog and a sweater that we wish would be eaten by the dog.  To support what Mosaic has been doing with Advent we did a sock drive in place of a white elephant gift exchange for the Portland Rescue Mission and we did a “best Christmas lawn ornament” costume contest.  AWESOME!  Along with all that we gave away millions of points all night long for different random things we did.  It was an amazing time!!! Congrats to Olivia, Clair, and Joe for walking away with the prizes for the night.  What a minute…how did we have three winners that didn’t dress up?!?!  Never again…I’m giving away more points next year for dressing up.  😉


One thought on “Sock Drive

  1. Thank you, Mosaic Youth, for collecting socks!

    With a problem as big as homelessness, 235 pairs of socks may not seem like much, but IT IS! It’s 235 interactions our staff and volunteers will have with homeless men and women as we hand out the socks. 235 moments of grace in which Jesus will be present. 235 deeply hurting souls who will know kindness.

    You have done a mighty thing. Thanks.

    Portland Rescue Mission

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