Last Wednesday’s Principle – Zeek

This past Wednesday we launched into our new series called “GOT JUNK?”  During this series we are looking at conversations in the book of Luke that God has with choice people and observing their outcomes.  Read more about it here.

This past week we look in Luke 1 at the high priest Zechariah.  He was going to be the dad of baby John the Baptist.  The problem was he was old and his wife (Elizabeth) was as “good as dead” in age…a lot like Abraham and Sarah in Genesis.  We learned this week that having a son was a status quo and was looked down upon if you were barren…like it was your choice of something.  This man of God was doing his priestly duties in the temple and was approached by the angel Gabriel (who sits at God’s right hand).  He told Zeek that he and Lizzy were going to have a baby and he was to name him John.  The angel connected this baby to the OT prophesies of John the Baptist but Zeeks response was…”I don’t believe you God.”

In his questioning God silenced Zeed and made him mute and deaf till John was born!  WOW…quite a rebuke for his doubt.

Here is the big question for the night…is it possible for us to mistake God’s love for His anger (wrath)?

Absolutely it is!!!!  When we get busted in our sin we often times think that God is so angry with us and he is acting out against us!  WRONG MY FRIEND!!!  Image if God left Zeek in his sin!  Would he ever repent and turn to God.  NO WAY!  Read Zeeks response after John is born and his mouth and ears are opened (Luke 1:57-80).

Instead of crawling up in the fetal position after we get busted in our sin…try running…to God… because if you are His child, He loves you so much to bust you.  He is drawing you back to himself.


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