Justice or Grace

i read this article today:

“Be careful how you treat God, my friends.  You may say to yourself, ‘I can sin against God and then, of course, I can repent and go back and find God whenever I want him.’  You try it.  And you will sometimes find that not only can you not find God but that you do not even want to.  You will be aware of a terrible hardness in your heart.  And you can do nothing about it.  And then you suddenly realize that it is God punishing you in order to reveal your sinfulness and your vileness to you.  And there is only one thing to do.  You turn back to him and you say, ‘O God, do not go on dealing with me judicially, though I deserve it.  Soften my heart.  Melt me.  I cannot do it myself.’  You cast yourself utterly upon his mercy and upon his compassion.”

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Revival (Westchester, 1987), page 300

Remembering back on our Zechariah story we looked at in our first week of our “Got Junk” series (Luke 1 – God making him mute after his doubt).  After I read this article I wondered…is us “realizing God’s punishment for our sin” a judgement from God or a is it the grace of God?  You may ask, what does it matter.  It does matter.  It forms our perception of God.  Is He a react-ful God that looks to zap us in our sin.  Or is He a God that, at any cost, will do what ever it takes to draw us back to Himself?  It’s worth a few minutes of your thoughts.


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