Broken Hearts (week 1): FOR PARENTS

Though one of our greatest passions is hanging out with and leading your student, it’s also our goal to put some tools in the toolbox of parents.  One way I would like to keep parents informed is by giving a brief update about what was talked about the following Wednesday night at Emerge.

We launched our new series last Wednesday called “Broken Hearts“.  We talked about YOU, the parent.  The reality is, no matter how close you are to your kids, you are going to break your child’s heart.  You will make decisions that they don’t like and they most likely will let you know about it…or passively harbor it in till it all explodes one day.  The question we were seeking to answer was, how do I manage a broken heart from my parents?

Practically speaking the major disconnect happens between a child and a parent when one or both parties represented are misunderstood.

That’s right.  You don’t understand your students just as much as they don’t understand you.  I think we believe that we know what they are going through by default because we’ve been there.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Chap Clark has written an amazing book, Hurt, that defines adolescence today.  You need to pick it up.  Chap has his Ph.D and is a professor of Youth, Family, and Culture at Fuller Seminary and he even professes in his book that before his research he didn’t understand adolescence like he thought he did (even through he had older teenagers living at home).  We as parents have to be willing to admit that our teen is going up in a different culture and generation and we need to seek to understand them…today!  I fully believe we will continue grow further from our teens the lazier we get from understanding their world.

This past Wednesday at Emerge our challenge to our teens was based out of Ephesians 6:1-3.  Here is a brief recap.

  • When our parents shatter our hearts it’s important to understand that…Everyone submits to someone.  Ephesians (chapter 5-6) is a book of the Bible that gives us a bigger picture into the family system.  Students tend to think that their parents were kids once who had bossy parents and now it’s their turn to be the boss of their kids.  That’s not the picture that Paul paints in Ephesians.  In our frist point of Everyone submits to someone…dog to the kids, kids to the parents, wife’s to the husbands, and husbands to Christ; our hope was to say, hey, student…give your parents a break…tt tougher being a parent than it is a kid.
  • When our parents shatter our hearts it’s important to understand…what God expects from us.  Ephesians 6:1-3 quotes the 5th commandment, honor your father and mother.  A synonym for “honor” in this text is “honest”.  We gave a different light to this commandment that all students hate.  We talked about how students can respectfully be honest with their parents and still honor them…but it’s also our command to respond to our parents with an obedient heart.
  • When our parents shatter our hearts it’s importnat to understand…why God asks us to obey our parents.  As this is the only commandment of the 10 that has a promise…the answer lies there.  We are promised “to live long in the land” if we obey our parents.  Without getting too much into it what God is saying through Paul is that God makes himself known through our obedience to our parents.  That’s why we obey…to know God.

I close with this thought.  Here is a music video that speaks to dads!  Here is our biblical responsibility to our wives and our kids…to lead them, the love them, and to fight for them.  Watch these two videos and allow God to speak to your hearts.

Music Video for Lead Me:

The Story behind “Lead Me”


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