Parents: clarity

After receiving an email I feel it may be necessary to speak more clearly about what we talked about last Wednesday at Emerge.  The post I wrote to parents may come across as negative (though I hope not) but that was never my intent nor was that the main point of the evening last week.  I saw an opportunity to lovingly bring to your attention the fact that though you may think you understand everything you teen is going through, you may not!  I wanted to encourage you to take more time and get to know your student and everything that is pulling on them in their world.

As far as what we communicated to your student, we mentioned that their parents most likely don’t understand what they are going through but on the flip side, you have no clue how difficult it is to be the parent…in leading their teen to make right choices.  The biggest disconnects happen (fights) between parents and students when all party’s involved don’t understand each other.  We all need to work hard at understanding each other.

Our main point:  God has called us children to “obey our parents” because He wants to make Himself known (to us and our friends) through our obedience.

Parents:  lead your students well.  I am praying for you and it’s my desire that Mosaic Youth comes along side of you in how you lead your student spiritually.


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