Broken Hearts (week 3): PARENTS

It’s Mosaic Youth’s desire to partner with parents in raising students.  Maybe it’s not OK with your student if you come in and hang out with us at Emerge on a Wednesday nights…so we are bringing Emerge to you.  We want to encourage you to read this blog weekly so you know what we are teaching your student.  It can get difficult and daunting in raising/leading teens.  We understand that and desire to come along side of you in leading your student in biblical truth.

Last night was week three in our four week series called “Broken Hearts.”  Broken hearts are something that are inevitable in our lives.  How do we battle the emotions of broken hearts and see God in the midst of them?

Our discussion last night went down the path of broken hearts in relationships.  We took a different turn with this topic.  In the past weeks we sought scripture to help us battle broken hearts.  The stage of life that our students are in, my greatest encouragement in  battling broken hearts in this area was to avoid dating?  My challenge was to NOT DATE this year.  If you are currently in a relationship, my advise, sarcastically, was to break up with him/her (but seriously encouraged for the two in a relationship to evaluate where Jesus is in their life and if He’s not their priority…then they should seriously break up and focus on Jesus).

Our main point of the night was that we tend to give away our hearts too easily to things that don’t matter…especially people.

I wanted to hit this topic with a different punch.  Instead of saying that, “you have no clue what love is…so don’t date,” we hit it from the fact that we have a terrible understanding of God’s love for us.  How can we expect to properly give our hearts to someone else when we have no clue how deep the love of God is for us?!

When asked, “why do you want to date this person” the first honest reaction has to do with attraction.  Dating is so much deeper than attraction and most of us don’t even go there mentally with it.  Why we want to date has to do with the fact that we want our identity to be found in the fact that “I’m wanted by someone else.”  This has many different levels of reasonings and desires but we didn’t even walk there.

Here is the fact: we want to date because we want to be KNOWN!  We have a God that desperately wants to know us and wants us to know Him.  We are so far from understanding Him. My challenge last night was to spend this year seeking to know and be known by God…not boys/girls.

Biblically we looked into John 21:15-18.  Peter, a disciple of Jesus, tried hard to follw Jesus, but he screwed up many times!  In verse 18 Jesus is talking to him, after Jesus was resurrected from the dead, and made it clear to him that when you are young you are immature and you do what you want to do.  Jesus points out that maturity lies in the fact that as you get older you must realize that you are not in control of your life.  We saw this growth in Peter as his story moves from the gospel accounts (Matt-John) and into the book of Acts…and as history talks about his death (Foxe’s Book of Martyrs).

It’s my challenge that we move closer to Jesus this year and not a “significant other.”

I closed the night explaining a few ways we can start to know Jesus better (begin a prayer life, read scripture, live life together in community (with no strings attached)).  Picking up your Bible and just reading is no easy task.  So I told them last night that I was going to start a weekly devo on the blog.  It’s my goal, 5 times a week, to post a simple devotional online to help them get into their bible.  You will start seeing this post…this is what is all about.

Here is a great video we showed last night – from the perspective of the “woman at the well: john 4.  Listen for the line “To be loved is to be known and to be known is to be loved.”


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