Weekly Devo 1

Here we go.  Grab your Bibles and find Matthew (there is a table of content in the front of your Bible if you need one).  Just so you know, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are called the gospels.  These are 4 books of the Bible that record the life of Jesus that He walked here on earth.  Each book is the same writings from different perspectives.  Think about a football game.  As a players, people watching in the stands, and coaches…they all have different takes on the game and how it went.  The facts is the game doen’t change.  The greatest things that changes is; the players like to talk the emotion of the game, the people in the stands tell of the game from a “birds eye view,” while the coaches talk more about how the “game plan” went.  Three different people, same game, different perspectives.  The gospels are a lot like that but about Jesus’ life.

Matthew chapter 5 is the beginning of one of the greatest teachings from Jesus (in my opinion).  I want to walk with you in reading these three chapters and seeing a deeper picture of Jesus and His heart for us.  This is what I want you to do today.  Look over these three chapters and look at every heading in your Bible and get a feel for the things that we are going to talk about.  As we prepare to dive in and start reading tomorrow, here’s what you need to know:

  • Jesus is teaching His disciples here (those who really want to love Jesus)
  • There are two ways to living Jesus talks about: 1) doing what is right because that’s what you’ve been told 2) doing what is right because that is the reaction of your heart.
  • Some thought the way you should live was one way (out of duty)…but Jesus took it to a different level (from the heart).
  • Reading through this will teach us to live life a little differently than everyone else and start to bring huge amount of freedom in your life.

**Tomorrow we are going to begin looking at Matthew 5:1-3.


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