Blazer’s Game

Tomorrow night we are headed to the Blazers first preseason game against the L.A. Clippers.  We are meeting at the church at 6pm and are planning on being back at the church at 10pm.  We originally bought 15 tickets for students based our the “interested” sign-up sheet we had a Emerge a few weeks ago.  We have sold all 15 of those and will be purchasing more today.  There is room for YOU!  If you have not paid for or claimed one of these tickets, when you show up tomorrow night, know it is first come first serve.  To reserve one of the spots, call our event coordinator:  Leigh: 541.990.4179.

Parents:  would any of you be willing to drive a car full of students to the Lloyd Center and pick us up a little before 10pm.  If you want to go to the game and we need you, we’ll pay your way!

**remember to either go on Mosaic’s website and print out the Mosaic Youth medical release form (MRF) or bring your medical card with you to fill one out when you drop off your student.


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