Weekly Devo 3

Grab your Bible and your notebook and let’s begin devo 3.  Find Matthew 5 (remember, there is a table of contents in the front of your Bible if you need help finding the page number to where the book of Matthew is).  I want you to re-read Matthew 5:1-12.  In devo 2 we talked about what the “beatitudes” are.  We find ourselves today looking at the second beatitude or blessing in Matthew 5.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”    v. 4

Today we are focusing on how “mourning” can bring us the greatest amounts of joy in our everyday life.  It sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it?  Mourning (a sad or heavy heart) can bring your great joy?  That’s what Jesus says!


  • Answer this question: How can mourning bring you great joy?
  • **hint**  The first three “beatitudes” center around the sin in our hearts.  (example: like we talked about in devo 2, “blessed are the poor in spirit” focuses on our weakness (sin in our hearts) and our great need for God).
  • Answer this question: When we come to the place where you know you have sin in your heart, what is the greatest way you can fight that sin?

These two questions are not easy questions to answer.  If you couldn’t answer then, don’t worry about it.  If you answered them but are worried you didn’t answer them “right”, seriously, don’t worry about it.  The biggest reason I ask these questions is to help you wrestle with things that you normally would not wrestle with.  We grow closer to Jesus when we wrestle with the things that matter to Him.

The greatest way we can fight against our sin is to #1 know that you sin and #2 hate your sin.  Many of us have heard a lot about sin and we know that we sin.  There is a big difference in knowing that you sin and then hating your sin.  God hates our sin because it steals away from us everything great that God wants to give us.

When Jesus says, you will find the greatest amounts of joy through mourning (being sad/heavy heart), He is saying that when you hate you sin so much that it makes you sad…HIS promise to you is that “you will be comforted.”

Re-look at every beatitude (blessing) and notice that every one of them (v. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) has a promise.  Today, Jesus promises that when we hate our sin so much that it makes us sad, He promises to lift up our hearts and fill us with joy.  How?  Because, like last week,  Jesus forgives our sin.

THE HOPE:  When we hate our sin so much, and Jesus forgives us, our hearts will fight to not sin like that again.  We will mess up.  But then Jesus is there again to forgive us.  This is called “GRACE” — getting something we do not deserve.

**Tomorrow we will look at the third beatitude

Remember, if you have a question about today’s devo, ask a question on our formspring page.


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