Broken Hearts (week 4): PARENTS

It’s Mosaic Youth’s desire to partner with parents in raising students.  Maybe it’s not OK with your student if you come in and hang out with us at Emerge on a Wednesday nights…so we are bringing Emerge to you.  We want to encourage you to read this blog weekly so you know what we are teaching your student.  It can get difficult and daunting in raising/leading teens.  We understand that and desire to come along side of you in leading your student in biblical truth.

Last Wednesday at Emerge we finished up our first series of the Fall.  In our Broken Hearts series we have walked down a path of dealing with broken hearts brought on by other people.  Every week we have looked to God and His word for solutions.  Our last night in this series took a turn and dealt with the question, “what happens when God is the one who breaks our hearts.”

Our very first warning of the night was…this was going to be a lot of information thrown out…but look for the main idea.

We quickly discussed the fact that if we were honest, the majority of the time that God breaks our hearts as teens is when:

  1. God doen’t make “that” girl notice me.
  2. I beg that God give me the game of my life…and He doesn’t “come through”
  3. I ask the He get my parents off my back…and their still all over me.
  4. I beg Him to help me pass the test I didn’t study for.

BUT this question is so much deeper than that.  As we get older we will notice a lot of the “injustice” in the world around us and ask ourselves, if God is as loving as He claims to be, how can He allow all this stuff to happen?

We started this deeper discussion by asking…what is our belief about God?  Is He our genie in a bottle or is He our God?

It is becoming more and more popular that people believe that God exists but is impersonal and uninvolved with everything God on in this world.  It’s easy to just slash off all the earthquakes, floods, genocides, and cancer as…we live in a sinful world and it’s the consequence of living in a fallen world.  The problem is, that is not what the Bible teaches.

We read Colossians 1:16-17,  and came up with the conclusion that everything was made by Jesus and for Jesus (everything created, all powers, and all authorities and He stands before them all).  In Romans 8:20 the world, though it is wasting away, has been set up that way by God for hope.  Romans 9:16-17 lastly states that that God even raises up the evil tyrants in the world to show His great power. GOD IS VERY INVOLVED IN THE WORLD. Many things on the front stage we are quick to label as ungodly, when the truth just may lay in the fact that God is in the midst of it trying to reveal His love on a deeper  level.

How do we make this personal?  When we experience death in the family, trauma, or suffering…where is God?

Our main idea was: God’s love is very active.

It is a Biblical truth that:

  1. God’s love is active in the way that He is chasing after you. (Matthew 18:10-14 & Luke 15:1-7)
  2. God’s love is active in how he disciplines you. (Hebrews 12:7-8, 10-11)
  3. God’s love is active in how he pulls you through suffering. (Romans 5:3-5)

Our challenge based on our main point was…the next time you find yourself asking the question, “where is God now?”:

  1. Know that God is alway personally involved in your life chasing after you.
  2. Then next time this question pops up, STOP and THINK.  Is God trying to lead me away from sin?  Is God trying to take me somewhere new in my walk with Him?  Has my sin lead me to this place of confusion?
  3. Know that God has the ability to bring you through tuff times for your good, his glory and for the benefit of others around you.

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