Weekly Devo #4

Grab your Bible’s and a notebook and turn to Matthew 5.  Go ahead and re-read Matthew 5:1-12.

We are continuing in the beatitudes today.  Remember that the word beatitude focus on the word blessing.  Today we are focusing on verse 5 where it says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Journal these thoughts:

  • (Remember, each beatitude has a blessing and a reward.  Last devo the blessing was found in mourning while the reward was comfort)
  • BLESSING:  What does the word meek mean?  Google it if you have too.  Come up with the best working definition of what you think it means to be meek?
  • REWARD:  Now that you think you have a definition that you can work with, why do you think that the Bible says that if you strive for “meekness” you will inherit the earth?
  • Turn to Psalm 37:11 (remember that there is a table of contents in the front of your Bible if you need it), what does this say?

The one word that best represents “meek” is the word “gentle.”

As I have stated in previous devo’s, the first three beatitudes focus on our sinful nature.  “Poor in spirit” battles our desire to be our own god (that we are in control of our own lives). “Mourning” battles the denial of the weight of our sin.  “Meekness” battles the desire to make a name for ourselves (to make our name great).

Our goal as believers in Jesus is to make His name great in our life.  The natural pull in our own life is to make our name great.  These two ideas are at war with each other.

Journal Question:

  • What things do you do to make you better than others? (example: make jokes about people different than me just to get a laugh with my friends)

When Jesus has all of your heart you will understand what he says in Matthew 11:29, “Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

  1. When life feels heavy, if we rest if Jesus He will take our weight away…because He is gentle.
  2. If we learn from Jesus and make His name great in our lives then we will do the same for those around us.  Our focus will not be on making ourselves look good in front of our friends but we will seek to take the burden away from those who are burdened.

REWARD:  We will inherit the earth because when our trust is in God (and seek to make His name great over our own name), no weight can keep us down.  We can overcome anything through Jesus.




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