Take a Look Devo #1

Following Jesus in our culture is hard…very hard. Not only do we have to try and understand what God wants for us, we also have to battle with people, opinions and cultures that point us away from God’s truth. Consider your world, I bet you know people that want nothing to do with God and the Bible. So here we go, lets dig into this a bit and see if we can find some clarity.

Before we start Journal some thoughts:

-What do you think the culture you live in points your too? (ie. what is truth?)

-What do the people you know and hang out with think about God? (family, friends, school peers etc.)

-What do you think about God? (Is He real, is He present, is He in control?)

Now grab your Bibles and turn to Mark 12:29-30 and read this passage.

Starting last night at Emerge we began a New Series Called “Take A Look” where we are going to process through the first command of Jesus to “love the Lord your God with all of you heart, mind, soul and strength.” But what about the second command, “to love you neighbor as yourself?” What does that even mean? How do we do that?

To start out with, make a list of what you think it means to love yourself! Once you have done that, look over that list…do you ever do any of those things for other people?

THE CHALLENGE: This week, pick three things off of the list you created in how you “love yourself” and do those things for someone you know. Remember, be humble in doing this. You are not doing these things for your glory, but for God’s glory. Jesus served you by dying on the cross and when we choose to serve other people its because we are remembering that Jesus first served us.

CHALLENGE 2: Memory. Writing God’s word on your heart helps us grow in our walk with God. My challenge to you is for you to memorize Mark 12:29-31.

I hope and pray everyone has a great end of the week. I look forward to seeing you all next week. Remember, check back to the Blog on Monday for another Devo!



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