From Youth Quake to Nicaragua

I could be the proudest youth pastor in the world.  Last night I left our 6 students and 2 leaders that were at Youth Quake to pack for our high school trip to Nicaragua.  I have to be honest, it hurt to leave last night.  In 24 hours our team at Youth Quake was gelling together, serving Jesus with all their hearts, and having the time of their lives…and they have 3 days left.  Jason Mulkin and Laurel Crichton are rocking the house.  I am very proud of them as our leaders as they get the vision of Mosaic Youth.  They are loving our students and pushing them to see Jesus in every moment.  Good work guys!

It’s 15 hours till we check into our flights to head out of country.  I am jumping form one team to the next.  Though my heart is with our Youth Quakers…I am fired up about what God is going to do in us and through us in Nicaragua.  Details are finalized and all I have to do is pack and watch God move.  I am stoked that God has lead us to be a youth ministry that loves to serve Him in extreme ways.


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