We’re all alive and well

Hola Mi Amigo’s.  I have so much to say is so little time…what to say?  This is the first time we’ve been able to connect to the internet in two days.  We’re all live and well.  Things have been extremely good here.  On Saturday we got to hang out with kids in the orphanage a ton, all morning.  Later in the day on Saturday we went to a river with a ton of the kids and went swimming.  It was awesome.  Sunday we had the privilege of going to church services here.  Wow, what a cool experience.  It was a full two hour service with ton’s of singing in which I actually knew more than half the songs.  They sang them in Spanish and Miskito.  It was a cool experience to see just how creative our God is as we all worship the same God in different languages.  Yesterday afternoon we got a tour of the city and played with the kids in the orphanage again, I with you could all see their faces…they are beautiful.  Today, after breakfast, we started our work project of putting some sealer on wood for the children’s home out here.

Every night we have been having a team debrief of the day.  God is moving among our students.  It’s been great to see them gel together, laugh, and hear their hearts along the way.  I will tell you more soon (depending on internet availability).  Please be praying for our energy level.  It’s hot and our energy get’s zapped pretty quickly.  It’s cool to watch though as our energy dwendles during the day…it picks back up for everyone as we hang out with the kids here.  Please pray for some of our stomaches.  A few of us are finding digestion culture shock (use your imagination).  Though we have been eating like kings (Don’t think I’ve ever gained weight on a mission trip before this one), some of our stomaches are weak.  Continue to pray for safety and opportunities to talk to the kids through the language barrier.

Love you all.  Stacy I miss you TONS.  Know we’re safe as we’re serving God.


One thought on “We’re all alive and well

  1. So GREAT to hear from you!! Thinking about you all so much of the day and praying for you tons! Give my girl a hug for me! Her ma and pa miss her! 🙂

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