Haiti Box

Have you noticed the wooden box on the welcome table when you first come into Emerge?  What the heck is that box?  It’s our Haiti box.  As of last year we agreed as a ministry that we could support 2 primary school students to go to school for the year.  This is a $30/month commitment.  We are all called to sacrifice and give financially.  This is one way we can start living life beyond ourselves.

Mosaic has a partnership with Haiti Foundation of Hope.  On their campus in Terra Blanche, Haiti they have a school for these children.  My wife has been to Terra Blanche and physically seen this school and the impact that it is having on this community.  We are excited to be a youth ministry that can support this ministry in Haiti.

Sacrifice. Here is what we are asking each student to sacrifice each week.  We think that it’s reasonable to ask each of our students that come to Emerge to sacrifice one soda a week.  Purposefully make a decision each week to not buy a drink that you want and then bring that money you were going to spend on that soda and put in in our Haiti box.

Are you up for the challenge?  See each week in our announcement sheet where we are with the funds we are raising each month.


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