Plinko Drawing

Are you a “Price is Right” fan?  What do you like better, the Bob Barker days or new Drew Carey erra?

During our “Stolen Affections” series we will be looking for every opportunity to throw your name into a box for a drawing do trip a puck into our Plinko board to win something amazing.  I can’t quite tell you what amazing things will be on that board but I will tell you that it will be amazing.

Every frist Emerge of the month we will have 2 Plinko drawing where those 2 lucky individuals will have  a chance to drop the puck.  Every drops a winner.   (you have to be present of the drawing to be a winner)

Opportunities to get you name in the drawing:

  • Show up each week
  • Scripture Memory (any part of Colossians 1:15-20)
  • Bring a friend (you and a friend are entered…double)
  • Win the game each week
  • Leave a comment…any comment on this post
  • Anything else we can think of…

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