Stolen Affection (week 2): PARENTS

Title:  Don’t Waste Your Life

Colossians 1:3-14

This weeks talk piggy-backed off of this video:

I started off this week with a pretty heavy challenge.  I really wanted to get real with our students and challenge them to examine how they live their life.  Right off the bat, following the power of the lyrics of this video I told all our students, “God is either the God of this universe or He is not.  Here’s what you have to understand.  It’s not what you believe about God that is most important, what’s most important is what your live for.”  In all honesty, how we live shows what we really believe.  God deserves so much more than lip service.  He deserves our lives.

In week 2 of this series we focused on verses 3-5.

2 Questions that we asked were: 1) What do you believe and 2) What do you live for?

What do you believe?  We walked through some of the reasons why Paul was writing this letter to the Colossae church.  This church was threatened by a group of Jewish people, people who grew up knowing and believing in God.  This people saw Jesus (or at least the affects of his life) and believed in him too.  The major problem with this treat was saying that Jesus wasn’t enough by himself.  They were speaking these wrong truths to this new church in the city of Colossae and Paul felt it was necessary to set them straight on what they knew about Jesus.

Many “Jesus followers” today are doing this very same thing.  People who say they know Jesus are stating what they know about Jesus but they actually don’t know anything about him at all.  How do we know Jesus?  Through the Bible!  Ultimately people are preaching a Jesus different than the Jesus of the Bible.

What do we believe?  Some of us have no clue what we believe.  Some of us do know what we believe but my question to them were, “How has what we believe impacted how we live?”  The book of Colossians and this study that we’re going through set’s us straight on who Jesus is and all that we need to know about Him for our foundation in faith.

What do you life for?   Colossians 1:3-5 highlights three words that are very important in Pauls writings.  Faith. Love. and Hope.  What we read here is that faith and love will never stand without hope.  Hope is our center.  Faith and love in an expression of the hope that we have in Jesus.

What is our hope?  These verses make it really clear, our hope is laid up in heaven.  Heaven is our hope.  Does this make us scratch our heads?  How is our hope in a destination?  Our view of what heaven really is deeply impacts our hope in Jesus.  If we think that heaven is a destination for us because of a choice we made, our view of hope is very limited.  Heaven is not a reward for what we did/do on this earth.  Heaven is what is gained because of what Jesus did on the cross. In this view heaven has nothing to do with me but about who Jesus is.

Do we see the difference?  Is our hope centered on me or is our hope centered on Jesus?

My application question of the night at the end of the night: Are you actually following Jesus    The two major things in our lives that steel our affections away from Jesus is our laziness and our lack of communication of creator of the universe.  God has given us three things in which He makes Himself known to all of us.  Creation. The Bible. His Holy Spirit.  We tend to ignore creation as a gift of God.  We make excuses for not reading the Bible.  And we stink in our prayer life.  Coincidences?  I don’t believe so.  I think Satan knows that he can’t have or hearts so he robs us of our affections of Jesus.  We need to reengage God where He makes Himself known to all of us.



2 thoughts on “Stolen Affection (week 2): PARENTS

    • I heard through our 9th grade leaders that they had a great discussion after the talk…that always gets me excited. Thanks for the encouragement!

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