The PLINKO board is in

I just carried our 8 ft PLINKO board into the basement.  I have a few final touches to put on it today and then it’s ready for Emerge tomorrow night.

How does the PLINKO board work?  It’s a giant board that stands upright with pegs all down it.  From the top you slide an air-hockey puck down the face of the board and try to land it in one of six slots at the bottom.  As the puck hits the pegs is bounces all the way down the borad landing in a slot.  In each of these slot there is a prize labeled.  What ever you land on you win.  Simple as that.  What are the prizes?  Great question.  We have 6 great prizes to give away by the end of December.  We have an 8GB Ipod touch, a CD home stereo with mp3 plug in, a PSP, an ultimate OREGON fan pack, a Timbers sweatshirt, and a skateboard.

At the first Emerge of each month (which is this week) we will be giving away two prizes.  In our 6 slots we will have 4 (of the 6) prizes and 2 blank slots.  If students land in a blank spot then we will draw a new name until we have two winners.

If you have been to Emerge in the past month then your name is in the drawing three times.  Here’s the catch.  You have to be at Emerge to have a chance to win something.  Check out our previous blog post to see how to enter your name into the drawing for next months PLINKO.


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