Christmas Party

Mosaic Youth’s Christmas Party has always aimed at benefitting those less fortunate than us at the expense of us having a dang good time!  Instead of doing a white elephant christmas gift exchange or an ugly sweater contest…we look for other ways to “celebrate the season” while focusing our gifts elsewhere.

For the past two years we have had a sock-drive.  Socks are the number one need of the Portland Rescue Mission during the winter.  Everyone received points for the amount of socks they brought and their huddle group received points too.  Over the past two years we have donated over 600 pairs of socks to the Portland Rescue Mission. AWESOME!

This year, because of our connection to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua we are going to support the orphanage on the Verbo Church campus.  There are over 100 children living in the orphanage.  Because of this the Verbo Church started a school and it has become THE top school in the entire town.

We would like to bless them this year and collect school supplies as our “service project.”

As well we are doing our annual Christmas Ornament Costume Contest and Food Contest.  For the costume contest…pick your favorite Christmas icon and dress up like it.  Simple as that.  Leaders can and should participate :).  Also, I am not afraid to give “group points” away if someone organizes a Nativity Scene…just saying!  Food.  If your last name begins with an A-H bring a “festive” appetizer.  If your last name begins with an I-O then bring a “christmassy” desert food.  Lastly if your last name begins with an P-Z then bring a “holiday” drink item!

Here’s what you need to know about the Christmas Party in nutshell:

  • Our Christmas party is Wednesday, Dec, 14th.
  • We are extending our time by 30 minutes. From 7-9pm.
  • The entire night will be devoted to giving away as many points as we can so we can crown three winner of the evening.  We have great gifts to give away this year as we have in previous years past.
  1. Bringing school supplies for the children living in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. Individual point will be giving out and group points will be given to huddle groups for amount of stuff collected.
  2. Christmas Ornament Costume Contest: Points for dressing up AND more points for winning!
  3. Food Contest:  You will get points for bringing something as well as winning the contest of your category – creativity counts.
  4. Games:  Winners of the games will receive points

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