DEVO: Week 1 (1 Peter 1:1-2)

Hey Students.

(Read this devotional entry and answers the question in your journal (or on a piece of paper).  Show it to your huddle group leader at Emerge and get credit for completing it for Plinko. If you missed a previous week you can make up weeks and still get credit for it)

I just typed out the recap of what we talked about last week at Emerge.  I would encourage you to look back at the recap and get the main points because today I want to ask you to engage a little with where we walked last Wednesday.   In short I believe that we tend to have a small view of God.  I think we tend to think to that God relates to us the same way that we relate to our friends.  Though God is our friend if we are Jesus followers, He is so much more than that.


Stop right now and Pray.  Ask God to meet you in this time.

  1. List out the three different ways Jordan thinks our circle of friends operate (its in the Week 1:RECAP blog).
  2. What category do you fall in?
  3. How does the way your group of friends operate effect your relationship with Jesus?
  4. READ John 15:12-17
  5. Copy down verse 16 in your journal
  6. What make is hard to believe that God choses you still today…knowing all your junk and sins?  List a few things.
  7. In God’s eye, do you have a purpose (look in vs 16 again)?  What is that purpose?

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