Plinko 2012

Yes, absolutely…we are bringing back Plinko for this new series called (UN)conformed.  Every frist Emerge of the month we will pull out the borad and give 2 lucky students an opportunity to walk away with a great prize.  There are multiple ways to get your name in the drawing each week but before I give you these details I want to tell you why we do this.  The reason why I have decided to do this again feeds why I pull this borad out once a month.

There is nothing more important to me as the youth pastor than the students in Mosaic Youth knowing God.  Knowing God is so much more than knowing about Him or once having an experience with Him but it’s about engaging Him in his Word and allowing Him to make Himself great as we find consistency cracking our Bible open.  The Bible is living and active.  It’s in this Book that God reveals Himself and makes Himself known.  If we don’t read scripture we are starving…spiritually.

Call it bribery if you will, I like to think of it as encouraging…semantics, I know!

The entire purpose of Plinko is to draw students to the Bible.  At the end of this series we hope that a good number of students are engaging Jesus in His word.  It’s then our hope that God would use this “encouragement” to form habit as He makes Himself known in our lives.  We also place other opportunities to get your name in the drawing because growing in Jesus is not just about reading the Bible (but it’s what we struggle at most), it’s also about community and living for Him in your world.

If you want to have multiple chances to PLINKO, here’s what you need to do each week:

WHAT TO DO EACH WEEK:                                     VALUE:

  • Sign in to Emerge every week.                              1 extra name in the box
  • Bring a friend to Emerge (fill out info card)     2 extra names for BOTH of you that week.
  • Win the game.                                                          2 extra names in the box
  • Memorize scripture (1 Peter 1:13-21)                  2 extra names per verse you memorize and quote
  • Complete the blog devo (and show a leader)    5 extra names in the box

Good luck!  It’s my prayer that Plinko doesn’t become great (or your focus) but that Jesus does!


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