Devo: Week 3 (1 Peter 1:3-9)

Hey guys & gals,

(Read this devotional entry and answers the question in your journal (or on a piece of paper). Show it to your huddle group leader at Emerge and get credit for completing it for Plinko. If you missed a previous week you can make up weeks and still get credit for it)

All right, so we had a great group time this past Wednesday at Emerge. We talked about how even though we know Jesus our relationship with him is not finished. While we as believers in Jesus have been saved by his great love, the Holy Spirit is continuing to save us by working in our hearts to make us more like Jesus. Wow that is a big thought! Jesus is not done with us when we become Christians; we are at the beginning of a Great Work in Progress. I don’t know about you but that is exciting.

For our Devo this week, we are going to spend some more time reading over the beginning of 1 Peter.

  1. Before you do anything, make sure that you spend a few minutes praying. I like to ask God to use the time I am  going to spend in the Word to transform my heart and life.
  2. There was a lot of big words and confusing stuff in this section. Write down a couple of things you would like to understand better or have questions about. Then during huddle groups next week ask your huddle group leader.
  3. If you knew you were going to inherit $1,000,000 later in your life do you think you would be excited and continually thinking about what you were going to do with that money? I know I would.  Write what would you do with it? Now think about this! In verse 4 Peter tells us that we have an inheritance in Jesus that is so much greater and richer than a million bucks! Yet how often are we thinking about how blessed we are to have Jesus? That always makes me stop and think.
  4. Do you ever look forward to your inheritance in Jesus? What do you think it would include?
  5. Peter also tells us that when we experience grief, loss, hurt, depression, rejection, pain and hard things in life, these things mature our faith! In other words, our hard times in life are often the growing pains of growing up in Jesus. Can you think of a time when something hard helped you grow up in Jesus?
  6. Do you think that even in hard and painful times you can have Joy and Hope? Why or why not?
  7. Imagine what your life would look like if you could always have joy and hope when life is full of hurt and pain. Do you have that? Do you want to have that?

Don’t have your Bible? Click the link: 1 Peter 1:3-9


One thought on “Devo: Week 3 (1 Peter 1:3-9)

  1. Hey guys… i know this has nothing to do with the devo but if we ever do a study in Genesis 1:1.. i think a good song would be “In His Image” by PRo ft. Andy Mineo. can you guys just check it out??

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