Progressive Lock-In ($45)

Alright…so the details are set for the Lock-In.  The night of March 2nd/3rd will rock your March.  We wanted to take what we’ve done the past 2 years (Safari Sam’s) and blow it out of the water.  Don’t get me wrong…I loved Safari Sam’s.  They have been SO good to us but  this year…we’re going different.  Here’s what I mean.


1.  Rock and Worship Road Show.  This is a fantastic concert at the Rose Garden.

2.  Sky High:  How much fun can a wearhouse full of trampolines be?  Yeah…it’s epic!

3.  Clackamas Aquatic Park:  Wave pool, diving boards, 3 giant slides, rock-wall…etc.

4.  Night Games/Breakfast at Mt Tabor.

You will get all of this for $45.  From 5pm (ish) on Friday night till 7am Saturday morning…you wont want to sleep.  Your friends will be mad at you if you don’t invite them.  This is less than 3 weeks away.  Sign you and your friends up at Emerge this week.  DON’T BE “that guy” who misses the funnest event of the year.


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