DEVO: Week 7 (1 Peter 2:9-12)

(Devotionals will come out every Monday.  Read this (or past) devotional entry and answers the question in your journal (or on a piece of paper). Show it to your huddle group leader at Emerge this next week and get credit for completing it for Plinko. If you missed a previous week you can make up weeks and still get credit for it.)

By Stephanie Glasco

This week Jordan talked about 1 Peter 2:9-12 and how God calls us to proclaim Him to our friends who don’t know Jesus.  Jordan said that one of the ways that we can proclaim Jesus was to be transparent.  Transparent means to be who you truly are, and to allow people to see you struggle.  Jordan said “struggle out loud.”  I think it is hard for us to want to show what we struggle with, and those things that maybe don’t show the best in us.  It is very important for us to do this though.  If we share our struggles we can have support and encouragement through our friends we share with.  Also, we can help our friends who don’t know Jesus to realize that you don’t have to be perfect to have a relationship with Him.

-Take some time to really think about what it is you keep hidden from people.  What is it that you struggle with?  What is your weakness that you don’t tell people about?

-Think about the people in your life you trust.  This could be a parent, a sibling, a friend, your huddle group leader.  Make it a goal to have a talk with this person or people and tell them these things.  I know it can be scary, but you trust this person, and they love you and will want to be there for you.  Make sure they know you are coming to them in confidence, that this is something you are trusting them with and don’t want them to discuss with everyone else.  Ask this person for pray and support, and to just be a good friend to you in this.

-Now, what weaknesses do you have in loving Jesus in front of your friends?  How do you fail to live like Jesus in front of your friends?

-How can you live transparently in front of them?

Read Psalm 66:1-20

What is Psalms saying?

  • Vs. 1-4: Because God is so good, our lives should, “shout for joy.”
  • Vs. 5-7: We invite other people to see just how great God is.
  • Vs. 8-12:  Through thick and thin God walks with us.
  • Vs. 13-15:  Because of everything that has been said I will live a life that worships you.
  • Vs. 16-20:  I live “transparent” to represent God to you!

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