30 Hour Famine (for Parents)

Tonight at Emerge we introduced our next event, The 30 Hour Famine.  I hope your student came home talking about it.  This event is more than an event.  This is your chance to join other groups of students all over the world in learning the truth about hunger, poverty, and injustice — then overcome it all with love. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students do the Famine. They go without food for 30 hours. They learn what it takes to overcome hunger. And they raise funds to help feed hungry children and families around they world. They refuse to be told they can’t make a difference.

This year we are partaking in the 30 Hour Famine on April 27-28th.

As we continue this converastion about poverty and what the Famine is we will give more details.  Right off the bat here is a great resource for parents who have more questions.

What are we asking from our students:

  • Fast for 30 Hours (go without food)
  • Raise support to fight hunger around the world
  • Participate in our event on April 27th – 28th.  (we will spend then night at the church)
Here is our plan as we lead up to April 27th:
  • Feb 29th – March 21st Raising Awareness
  • March 28th Join the Team (sign up)
  • April 4th – 27th The Team Raises Support
  • April 27-28 Famine Overnight Event – From 5pm Friday – 8:30pm Saturday

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