DEVO: Week 8 (Jeremy and Ronnie’s trip to Israel)

(Devotionals will come out every Monday.  Read this (or past) devotional entry and answers the question in your journal (or on a piece of paper). Show it to your huddle group leader at Emerge this next week and get credit for completing it for Plinko. If you missed a previous week you can make up weeks and still get credit for it.)

By Stephanie Glasco

Our world tells us a lot about who Jesus is, but is what the world saying right?  Let’s take a look at some of the popular ideas of who Jesus is…

  1. Bobble- head Jesus.

When you see this image, what kind of Jesus do you see?  What kind of image of Jesus does this portray?  Do you think this make s a joke out of Jesus?

  1. Jesus was just a nice guy like Gandhi, not the Son of God.

I’ve heard a lot of people say this before, they think Jesus existed and was a good guy, but there was no way He was the Son of God.  The Bible says something different.  Read Matthew 16:16-17, John 10:30 and John 11:25.  These verses state that Jesus is God.

  1. Jesus was not human, just God.

Sometimes our culture forgets that not only was Jesus fully God, but He was also fully human.  I know it is hard to understand, but He was both.  A perfect example of  Jesus being both fully human and fully God is the story of Lazarus in John 11.  When Jesus hears Lazarus is sick He goes to see his friend to find that he had died four days earlier.  Read the rest of the story in John 11: 32-44.  See if you can point out the humanity of Jesus especially in verse 35.

Think about who you believe Jesus to be.  Do you believe He is more like a bobble-head Jesus?  Is he kind of a joke?  Is He just this really nice guy who said a few cool things, or is He the Son of God and savior to the world?  Take some time and consider who Jesus really is and what that means in your life.


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