Saturday Morning in Haiti

Our team arrived in Terre Blanche on a relatively easy journey yesterday.  All of our flights went well.  A few of us had to gate check our bags which we were told to absolutely not let them gate check our bags.  Trying to be a hero I told the gate agent at LAX that gate checking our bags wasn’t going to be an option.   Guess who one that fight…three guesses and the first two don’t count.  Here’s a hint…it wasn’t me.  Praise Jesus, all of our bags arrived.

The journey from Port au Prince to Terre Blanche was about 4 and a half hours which is a few hours less than what it took my wife 3 years ago.  They paved the highway starting just outside of PAP all the way to Gonaives (which is the majority of the journey).

On the way we got the opportunity to stop by one of the mass grave sites that was used after the earthquake.  Papa Joe told us there were literally over 100,000 people buried where we were.  It was an overwhelming feeling

We arrived in Terre Blanche around 3:30pm and it was a glorious site.  The campus here is amazing.  Papa Joe took me to the roof yesterday afternoon and told me the story about how the campus here in Terre Blanche was started.  It’s literally a campus of life in the middle of nothing.  He was telling me that many people asked Pastor Delamy, “Why Terre Blanche, it’s nothing.  It’s in the middle of no where.” God lead him here.

Pastor Delamy started a church here over 20 years ago in a small building.  Now it’s grown to a large church, a school of almost 1,000 kids (which is aiming to be one of the best schools Haiti (100% of the 6th grade students passes their standardized tests.  Their on their way…truly amazing)), and a year-round staffed medical clinic (which they keep having to add on to).

Yeah.  Delamy follow Jesus.

This morning we set up the clinic to get ready to begin tomorrow after church.

Game on!


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