Devo: Week 9 (30 Hour Famine)

Posted by Stephanie Glasco

This past week at Emerge we talked about poverty and our participation with 30 Hour Famine.  Jordan and Alyssa gave us a lot to think about with all of the statistics and ways that we could help.  Did you know that serving the poor is more than just a nice thing to do?  We are actually told to do so in the Bible. If most of us are honest with ourselves, I think we would say that being around the poor and extreme poverty makes us uncomfortable.  It isn’t that we don’t like those people, we just don’t know how to act, so we choose not to have friendships with those people.  The Bible commands us differently though.

1. Look up Proverbs 14:20-21 and then 14:31 and take a look at what it says about our relationship to the poor and how that makes God feel.

2. Take a couple of minutes to really think about how you treat the poor around you.  Are you friendly?  Do you ignore them and act as if they don’t exist? Do you treat them with respect and kindness?

3. Spend some time in prayer and ask God to show you ways that you can treat the poor better, whether that is participating with 30 Hour Famine, volunteering at a homeless shelter or simply smiling at a homeless person on the street instead of ignoring them.  They are people too, and are longing to feel like they belong just like you and me.

Don’t forget to keep Jordan and the rest of the Haiti team in your prayers this week!


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