How Great is our God

It’s been an eventful Monday here in Terre Blanche, Haiti. We had our first full day of clinic and things ran pretty smoothly. We started the day off with doing rounds and we saw a mother who had a three day old baby. Mom was extremely sick and baby wasn’t eating. The baby was just over three pounds. This morning they were able to pull milk from the mom and get the baby interested in eating. Tonight the baby is eating fully from the mom and the mother is coming around.

During clinic today we admitted a pregnant woman who was in labor. After clinic she went into active labor and a few of us got to watch the delivery. If you know me then you know that I jumped in on that. It doesn’t make me feel awkward to be the only non-doctor male in the room. It was awesome. Haitian women are strong.

Pray tonight for two children: Joseph and Dijimi. Joseph possibly has a brain tumor and dijimi has an enlarged heart. Both very serious issues.

I love being with very intelligent doctors and nurses that know their wisdom is from God and know their knowledge is limited compared to God. Praying for healing at the end of the night with the professionals is humbling.


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