Week 11: Jordan is back from Haiti!

By: Stephanie Glasco

This past Wednesday Jordan talked about what he saw God doing in Haiti and he also talked about 1 Peter 3.  That passage is a lot to cover, and since we didn’t get a whole lot of time to dive into it, let’s take some more time right now.

1. Read 1 Peter 3:1-5 and 8-17

– Let’s talk about submission.  Boys, this isn’t just for the girls, so please read as well.  A common word used in the definition of submission is humble.  Humble means to not be arrogant and to be more modest.  This verse isn’t saying that a man’s thoughts and opinions matter more than a woman’s, or that a woman isn’t allowed to have her own opinions.  People are often heard better if their opinions and thoughts are expressed in a calm and more modest manner.  Speaking through your actions usually is the best way to be heard.

– Again, this might sounds like it’s just for the girls, but boys this is for you too.  In verses 3-4 it talks about outwardly adorning oneself.  Whether you’re a boy or a girl, very into your appearance or could care less, the point is here that your inside beauty, the love of God that lives inside of you, is what will make your outside beautiful/handsome.  You can spend two hours in the morning making yourself look good, or hours working out trying to look like Channing Tatum.  But when it comes down to it, it isn’t what’s going to make people stick around and love you in your life.  Think about it this way, if someone were to look at you and see what was on the inside on the outside, would they see Snow White or the Prince, or would they see the Wicked Witch with the apple?

– In verses 8-17 it commands us to be united in compassion and love.  It comes down to loving and respecting one another in our relationships.  It also goes onto say that we will suffer even though we do good things in love.  We will have hard times, and we will suffer.  Those aren’t actually bad things.  They cause us to grow.  It is how we treat each other during those times that we can show God’s love to others.

– This was a lot to cover, and it’s okay to still be confused on some things.  I think it would be a great idea to spend a few minutes in prayer about this.  Talk to God and listen to Him.  Ask Him to show you how He wants your treat the people in your life.

*Don’t forget about Alyssa’s challenge to lower your complaints this week!


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