DEVO Week 14- Don’t Worry I Got This: Trusting God with Our Lives

By: Stephanie Glasco

Trust can be a really hard thing to do.  It isn’t easy to believe that someone else will respond or react in a situation in the best way possible.  What does trust really mean?  Well, according to it means this, “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of aperson or thing; confidence.”  Trusting someone involves giving up control for the outcome of a situation, and it also means that you are putting yourself at the mercy of others and making yourself extremely vulnerable.  Now, all of this is hard enough with people who we can see and physically touch and talk to, it can be even harder to trust God who we can’t see and it not physically before us.  God tells us over and over again in Scripture, not to worry because “I’ve got this.”

1. Read these passages in The Bible. (I know there are a lot, but they are short.)  2 Samuel 22:31, Job 13:15, Psalm 25:1-2, Proverbs 30:5, Psalm 9:10, Psalm 118:8 and Proverbs 3:5.  All of these verses talk about trusting God and how if we trust God with our lives they will be better.

2. Jordan mentioned that most of us can trust God to a certain point, but we have those things that we wont give over to God.  So, I want you to write down on the top of a piece of paper, “I trust God until…..” and then list the things you have a hard time trusting God with.  This could be, that you trust and follow God until you get mad at your siblings and yell or hit or torture them.  It could be, you have a hard time trusting that God will protect you from that bully at school.  Write down anything that you have a hard time believing that God can take care of.

3. Take a few minutes to read the list when you’re done and reflect on what you wrote.  Why did you write those things?  Why do you have a hard time trusting God with those things you wrote down?  Pray and ask God to take control over those things you have a hard time giving up.  Next time you are faced with those things, say a prayer about it asking God to take care of it.  It wont magically be easier right away, but if you keep trusting God with it, it will get easier as time goes on.


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