Devo: Week 1 (Live Out Loud)

Hey Students, to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus we are providing a weekly devo (devotional).  It hard for us to find time every week to read the Bible and when we do think about it we struggle knowing where to start reading.  It our hope that by putting up these weekly devo’s that it will help us get into God’s Word at least once during the week.  Students, if you are reading some of the questions and they don’t make sense to you or you don’t know how to answer them, ask your parents for help.  I would encourage you to bring your answers to Emerge (maybe in a journal) because your huddle group may go over them.

Pray: Our days are really busy.  Take 20 minutes to slow down a bit and spend time with Jesus.  Take a deep breath.  Forget about what you’re doing next. Close your eyes for a minute and ask Jesus to help you read the Bible today.  Also, ask Him to help you answer the question below.

Read: Mark 1:1-13


  • When you  open your email and you have 20 new messages, how do you determine which one to open first?
  • Mark 1:2 are two quotes from the Old Testament in the Bible (Malachi 3:1 & Isaiah 40:3).  Why is do you think this is so important?
  • In Mark 1:10-11, what do you think the dove and voice meant to Jesus as he came out of the water?
  • Jesus’ baptism happened before he started his “ministry,” how do you think this prepared Jesus for the rest of his life?
  • Like our emails, there are a lot of people in this world that love to tell us what we should believe as truth (example: that there is no God, that Jesus wasn’t real, or that the Bible can’t be trusted as truth).  Why do you choose to believe in Jesus?

Pray:  Hopefully today you have seen how Jesus was encouraged when He was baptized.  It was obvious to Jesus that God was speaking to Him about how He has made the right choice.  I hope that you know that you have make the right choice in following Jesus.  Maybe you don’t know exactly what that means to follow Jesus but I encourage you to keep coming back to these devo’s to help us learn how to follow Jesus.  Pray today and thank God for helping you make the great choice of follow Jesus.  Ask him to help you today when you are at school to follow Jesus in the decisions you make.


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