Haiti Project

Mosaic Church is partnered with an organization called Haiti Foundation of Hope.  Last year I had the opportunity to go to Haiti with this organization and had a life changing experience.  In 20 years God has used this organization to plant a church, launch a medical clinic, and start a Christ-centered school.  Sure to some that may seem like no big deal to accomplish all that in 20 year.  If you think that, you don’t know Haiti.

The town of Terre Blanche is not only located in Haiti but it is the poorest of the poor in Haiti.  God has taken this hopeless community and has placed Himself as the light…and hope has been birthed.

Specifically, the school that is in Terre Blanche now has close to 1,000 students and many walk for miles just to get to school every day.  For a country that 60% of it’s population has less than a 3rd grade education, this is a huge deal.

Mosaic Youth has committed to support 2 students to go to school in Terre Blanche, Haiti.  This is a $30 a month commitment.

CHALLENGE:  Our challenge to every students at Emerge is to sacrifice one Coke a week and bring that $1 to Emerge in put it in our Haiti box.  Our hope is that during the week God would place upon our hearts the children in Haiti and we would choose to serve the kids in Haiti in this way.

With some younger kids at the school in Terre Blanche

School Daily Opening Assembly

These are some kids that are in the pre-k classes

Teaching English in a High School Classroom

This is the lunch room where all students feed through. Every meal is rice and beans and for most it’s their only meal of the day.


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