Emerge 2012 Huddle Group Video Contest

This past Saturday we had our first Emerge Event of the year and we all had a blast together.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  I loved watching how creative each group was and I was super excited about how each video turned out (yes, that blanket statement even covers our 8th grade boys/9th grade video).  I think each group experienced hiccups of some kind but all videos we’re completed…with success.

SPECIAL THANKS.  Leigh and Stacy.  We couldn’t have pulled off this night without you.  Thanks for organizing dinner and taking care of a ton of small details.  ALL LEADERS.  Overall, I love how the students lead out in making each video.  Great work.  David VanSant.  You lead your 6th graders extremely well.  I am proud of how well you handled yourself  as a leader as you took on all these student by yourself and also had editing issues.  Great work.  Zach and Olivia.  Traveling to the Lloyd Center and not losing anyone…perfect.  Rachel and Danielle.  You two brought a lot of excitement into the creativity process.  You 2 are a great fit together.  Chris, Phelan, and Nick.  I couldn’t tell if you guys were leaders or 8th/9th graders.  I mean that in an encouraging way.  Every time I ran into your group I could tell you guys were having the time of your lives.  Great job to all our leaders.

Best Actor:  Jack Abbott

Best Actress: Kaetha Lorenz

Best use of a song: 6th Grade Boys

Best Overall Video: 8th Grade Girls

Here are the videos:





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