High School Mission Trip: Haiti Team

Hey High Schooler’s

Mosaic Youth works really hard to fight the mentality that serving Jesus a one week thing we do during the summer. We have the privilege to serve Jesus in our homes, at church, in our schools, in our city, across our nation, and throughout the world. People ALL over need to see and hear Jesus through our lives. Missions is a 52 weeks a year project. Missions happens 365 days a year. Missions is a lifestyle, then sometimes we get a unique privilege to go to a place we have never been before.

This next summer of 2013, Mosaic Youth High School student (graduated 9th grader through seniors) have the privilege to join a team headed to Terre Blanche, Haiti.

Mosaic is in partnership with an organization called Haiti Foundation of Hope. This foundation over the past 20 years has seen the birth and continual growth of a church, a standing medical clinic that is run by a haitian staff, and a school of just under 1000 students. Terre Blanche is the poorest of the poor in Haiti BUT GOD, in His great love, has shown this town mercy.

I had the privilege to go to Terre Blanche this past March and it is all it has claimed to be…and more.

NOW we as a youth ministry have the opportunity to join God in what He is doing in Terre Blanche. Will you consider joining our team? We are working out the details but here is what we know now:

Where: Terre Blanch, Haiti

When: August 1-10, 2013

Who: Graduated Freshman – Seniors

How Many: 13 Students, 5 Leaders

Total Cost: I am working on that now, we are going to do 3 major fundraisers to help us pay for this trip.

What to do now?

If you are a current freshman through senior, pray if God is leading you to join this team. In a few weeks from now we will have an application form for you to fill out if you desire to go. All applications will be due Sunday, December 2nd. After you turn in your application you will sign up for an interview with the Team Leaders sometime between December 3rd – 15th. It is our aim to have our Haiti Team nailed down by Sunday, December 16th.

From Portland to Terre Blanche, Haiti


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