DEVO: Week 3 (Live Out Loud)

Hey Students, to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus we are providing a weekly devo (devotional).  This is week 3.  It hard for us to find time every week to read the Bible and when we do think about it we struggle knowing where to start reading.  It our hope that by putting up these weekly devo’s that it will help us get into God’s Word at least once during the week.  Students, if you are reading some of the questions and they don’t make sense to you or you don’t know how to answer them, ask your parents for help.  I would encourage you to bring your answers to Emerge (maybe in a journal) because your huddle group may go over them.

It’s Halloween week!  With that, I have a question for you…should followers of Jesus celebrate Halloween?

Journal your thoughts down on these few questions.

  •  Is there anything evil about carving pumpkins, dressing up as cowboys/princesses, going door to door asking for candy?
  • Are there things about Halloween that are evil and followers of Jesus should avoid?  If so, what?  (check out this short article describing the origin of Halloween…and see if it helps you to answer this question)
  • Read Philippians 1:27
  • Think about the series we’re going through…Live Out Loud…how can we see Halloween through the eyes of the gospel?  Think about neighbors, friends, and siblings.

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