Halloween Mosaic Youth Style

We have purposefully put these two ministry together as the Upperclassman Gathering will be joining Emerge in our Halloween party.  Should we be more PC and call it “Harvest Fest?”  We will be parting from 7-8:30pm like normal but if you come without a costume then you will be the odd one out.
Costume Contest
After everyone arrives we will have a costume presentation where everyone will get to show-off their costumes.  Prizes will be awarded to:
  • Best Emerge Student Costume
  • Best Upperclassman Gathering Costume
  • Best Adult Leader Costume
  • Best Team-Costume (of 2 or more people)
  • “It Was a Good Attempt” Award – or – “I Can Tell You Tried Really Hard” Award
  • “Better Luck Next Year” Award
After our costume contest we will be breaking up into adult led groups and and hitting the neighborhoods behind the church for donated “can-goods” (or non-perishable items).  I am thinking about having an award for the group that collects the most items.  Thoughts?
  • BringEveryone needs to bring a re-usable grocery bag to carry your can goods in.  OR if you have a wagon or something…that may be super helpful. 
  • PARENTS:  We may need more adult help to walk around with a small group of youth in the neighborhood.  Any takers.  If you can stick around and help out, please email me back and let me know ASAP.  THANKS a ton!
What are we going to do with these cans?
After you turn in your can-goods (non-perishable items) this Wednesday night, we will store them at Mosaic until Mosaic’s Thanksgiving Sunday Service on November 18th. On this Sunday, we as a church community will be having a food drive during the service to help less fortunate families have a happy thanksgiving.  We will give out can-goods to this food drive.  Before hand, we are going to package up these can-goods in paper sacks and each student will be able to come and get one of our Mosaic Youth can-goods sacks and it take to the stage as a celebration about what we were able to collect as a group this Thanksgiving.
This is a the way that we get to celebrate Halloween and live out Philippians 1:27.

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