DEVO: Week 8 (Christmas)

Hey Students, to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus we are providing a weekly devo (devotional).  This is week 8.  As a reminder why we do this, many of us tend to struggle to find time every week to read the Bible and when we do think about it we struggle knowing where to start reading.  It our hope that by putting up these weekly devo’s that it will help us get into God’s Word at least once during the week.  It’s my prayer for you that getting into a weekly habit of studying the Bible,  Jesus will awaken your heart to desire to be in it more often.

Students, if you are reading some of the questions and they don’t make sense to you or you don’t know how to answer them, ask your parents for help.  I would encourage you to bring your answers to Emerge (maybe in a journal) because your huddle group may go over them.

Take 20 minutes and follow these 4 simple steps:

Pray:  What do you like most about the Christmas season?  Being out of school?  Gifts?  Eating lot’s of food?  I want to encourage you to stop from your busy day/week and take a few minutes to talk to God.  Take a minute and thank God for giving you these things and realize that He gave them to you to enjoy.  Ask God to help you enjoy them.  Lastly, ask God to help you focus for 20 minutes as you read and journal.

Read: Luke 1:8-9, Luke 1: 26-27, Luke 2:1-20


1.  When does your Christmas tree usually go up?  Before Thanksgiving?  After? A week before Christmas?

2.  Why do you buy gifts for your family?  Is it because they have done something special or because of who they are? Give an example.

3.  You’ve been given 3 verses to read, label who each section is about.

4.  What is happening in these verses?

5.  What were each of them doing when the angles are talking to them?  (Hint:  their everyday life stuff)

6.  God appeared to Zechariah, Mary, and the shepherds when they were just being themselves.  What does that imply about what it means to be “spiritual”?

Pray:  Take a minute and thank God for people like Zechariah, Mary, and the shepherds. Thank him that He used them to teach us a big truth that God wants us to “just be us” when we talk to him.  Ask God to give you the desire to talk to Him more.  Also, ask God to help you hear Him when He talks to you.


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