Emerge Christmas Party

Charlie Brown Christmas

The countdown is on for Christmas break and it’s time for our annual Emerge Christmas Party.    If you have been a part of them in the past then you have an idea of what to expect.  If not, have no fear; I am going to tell you everything you need to know.

IMPORTANT FACT:  we are adding 30 minutes to the night: 7-9pm

Why we do a Christmas party

Christmas time, or the Advent season, is a season to focus on the coming of Jesus.  Jesus changed our world when He was born and we have the privilege to celebrate Him as God.  The Emerge Christmas Party is built around this truth.  We party so that we can celebrate the friendships we have, so that we can worship Jesus, and so that we can have a small impact in the world.

All night long students will be earning points for everything they do so that we can find our top 3 winners of the night that will walk away with decent prizes.


Dress up Contest

Every year we do a Christmas costume contest and this year we have a specific theme.  Dress up as your favorite holiday treat!  Everyone who dresses up will receive points towards the grand prize and our youth leaders will choose the top three winners to receive more points.

**be creative.

Bring your favorite Holiday Snack

Bring something tasty for us to eat!  Everyone who brings a snack will receive points and we will be choosing the top three “best presentation” holiday snacks.  After points are awarded…we will dive in to consuming these tasty treats.

**note: only snacks with a “holiday” theme will be considered for the winning points.

Sock Drive

Mosaic Youth has a partnership with Portland Rescue Mission.  The greatest needs our homeless community has during the winter are socks.  To give to this growing need we choose to do a sock drive every year instead of a “gift exchange.”

Every person that brings (clean/non-warn) sock will receive points per pair you bring.  As well you will be contributing to your huddle groups stash which the huddle group that has the most pair of (clean) socks will receive bonus points.


We are organizing 3 games that will earn you points as well.  Some game will be active while others will engage your “think tank” (your brain).

To close the night off:

To close the night we will calm down for a few minutes and focus on the reason for the season: Jesus.  We will end the night with a candle light Christmas song session.


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