Winter Breakaway (What to Bring)

Hello All,

Winter Breakaway is right around the corner.  Are you ready?  We are meeting at Mosaic Church at 6pm on Friday, February 1st.  Come with a full belly because we will not be eating as a group till breakfast on Saturday.  Parents, please plan on picking up your student(s) on Sunday at Mosaic after the 5:15 service (around 6:30).  We will be arriving back in town at 5pm and Sunday and then as a group attending the 5:15 gathering.  After church there will be pizza provided for your student.

Registration.  Parents please do not just drop your student off without checking in.  We have a list of items that may be missing from either your registration form or medical release.  Please check in with the registration table before you leave.

Dietary needs? If your student has any dietary restrictions please let me know asap.  You can reply to this email with any information.

Below is a list of things to consider while packing for Winter Breakaway:

What to Bring

  • Proper indoor attire.  You will not be allowed to come to our main sessions in your bathing suits.
  • Swim suits (ladies, one pieces or tankinies – modesty is good J, dark/non-see through colored tanks or t-shirts over bikini’s are okay…bring two suits if you want because they don’t dry over night.)
  • A Cover Up…please do not walk around the hotel in your bathing suit (boys, bring a shirt).
  • Goggles, ear/nose plugs
  • All needed toiletries (separate bathing facilities)
  • Bibles and pen
  • A rock’n good attitude

Can Bring

  • Flip-Flops (or shoes to wear round the lodge)
  • Phones (but only use for emergencies).  We want to unplug from the world around us for the weekend.
  • Camera’s
  • Your own snacks
  • Extra money.  Everything you need to survive will be provided for you.  GWL does have a lot of extras that students have access too but on their own budget.  There is a full arcade, snack bars, gift shops, magiquest, and more.
  • Anything to entertain more than one person.  (at your own risk)

Don’t Bring

  • Bedding.  Hotel style rooms.  (packing space to event limited)
  • Towels (they are provided – save the packing space)
  • Ipod (mp3 player).  Let’s unplug for the weekend.
  • Anything illegal or inappropriate

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