4 Friends Go FREE…

Hey Emerge peeps.  Hers’s the scoop, as you should know, our lock in is this Saturday night at Safari Sams.  It will be an EPIC night and we want your friends to be there.  I want them there so much that I am paying for 4 of them to go FREE!  Here’s the deal:

FIRST: talk to your friends about the lock-in and ask if they want to come with you.

SECOND:  If yes, have their parents call or email me and let me know they are interested.  The first four friends I hear from will get their way fully paid.

LASTLY:  I will tweet (@simplyjy), facebook (facebook.com/mosaicyouthportland), and blog our status this week as these 4 spots go.


One thought on “4 Friends Go FREE…

  1. hi jordan is it too late for me to have jenn’s friend cadence’s mom call you? she’d like to go with jennifer this weekend? email me and let me know. we don’t know how to tweet yet. Jackie

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