30 Hour Famine Details (April 26-27)

30 Hour Famine is an amazing event because it leads us to experience, in a very minimal way, hunger that many experience every day of their lives and it also calls us to lean on God for strength as we do the Famine together.

Many of you have received your Famine fundraiser packet.  Now is the time to begin fundraising.  I know many of us hate the term fundraiser but if we understand what we are committing to be a part of, asking people to support us becomes easier.  Also, after you get your first supporter, fundraising becomes easier.

Remember, for every $30 raised a child who is hungry will be fed for 1 month.  Do the math…that is $1 a day…that’s all it takes.

When you ask people to support you be sure to have that as one of your greatest selling points.  100% of what is raised will go to feed hungry children.

Check out this video for encouragement.

The Famine will take place April 26-27.  During this event we will:

  • …commit to fast (not eat) for 30 hours.
  • …all be together for the Famine.  (meet at 5pm at the church on Friday, April 26th)
  • …begin our fast after lunch on Friday (will not eat dinner on Friday night).
  • …learn about hunger issues and see what God says about it.
  • …serve the local hunger needs Portland has in a project.
  • …invite families to join us for dinner on Saturday night as we break our fast together and celebrate with God taught us.  (dinner will be served at 6pm on Saturday at Mosaic)

Set up your profile online (follow this link ).  We have an online Mosaic Youth page through World Vision (30 Hour Famine) that people are able to directly donate to YOU (with credit/debit cards).  If you’ve signed up for the Famine, please follow this link to “join our team” online.

Click “create” to join our 2013 Famine Team (even if you were a part of the online team last year).  Then enter “Mosaic Church” as your famine group name. Follow the instructions from there.  A link will be given to your personal page for you to share on Facebook, twitter, or other digital means. 


Q and A

Q.  If I haven’t picked up my packet yet, where and when can I do that?

A.  We will have packets at Emerge on Wednesday and Upperclassman Gathering on Monday.  Feel free to sign up online now and pick up your packet later.  You do not need your packets to begin fundraising, it’s just a helpful tool.

Q.  What if I can not commit to the Famine, can I still raise funds for this event?

A.  Yes.  Grab a Famine fundraiser packet and turn it in before April 26th.

Q.  Do I collect commitment or actual funds when I am fundraising?

A.  Collect money as your fundraise.  You can direct people to our blog for updates on our Famine if they desire to keep up with our progress. (mosaicyouthportland.wordpress.com)

Q.  Can people donate later if they do not have the funds today?

A.  Yes.  Tell them we will send the funds off one week after the event (Monday, May 6th) or they can give online through your online personal page.

Q.  What if I can not go 30 hours without eating.  Can I still be a part of the team?

A.  Yes.  Talk to Jordan about this desire and he will give you some instructions.

Q.  What if I can not stay the entire time.  Can I still be a part of the team?

A.  Talk to Jordan for permission for this.

Q.  Will our project that we do to serve the homeless be the same as last year?

A.  Yes.  We are looking for ways to do better the same project that we did last year.  If you don’t know what we did last year, no worries…you will learn about it on Saturday (the 27th).

Q.  Can my body really take not eating for 30 hours?

A.  Yes.  It can actually go up to 40 days.  It will not be comfortable but that is kind of the point.  Last year our team did a FANTASTIC job with this.

Q.  Where are the funds we raise going?

A. World Vision sends funds to different locations across the world to the neediest of areas.  They allow Famine leaders to choose where their funds go.  We have chosen to send our funds to Haiti, through World Vision because of our current partnership with Haiti.

For other Q and A’s, go to the Famine website here.

If your question is not answered here, please send me an email or leave a comment on this blog post.


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